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The Basics of Indoor Air Quality in Nebraska

The Basics of Indoor Air Quality in Nebraska

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How is the air in your home? Do you find yourself coughing a lot and suffering from dry skin? These might be signs that the indoor air quality in your Nebraska home isn’t very good. Not only does our company sell AC units, but we also offer air filters and duct cleaning services. We can tell you just what they are and what they can do for you!

Air filters and duct cleaning

As you may have guessed, air filters help clean out your home’s air. Because your home is cut off from the outside, your home’s air can become stagnant and dusty. Also, mold and mildew can cause health issues if they contaminate your air too much. Also, high humidity levels in your home can lead to dry skin and the air feeling hotter. However, all of these problems can be solved by having good air filtration in your home.

Meanwhile, ducts are a big part of your home if you use an HVAC to control your home’s temperature. However, the ducts are also a haven for dust, mold, and other contaminants, airborne and otherwise. Dirty vents can spread their contaminants all around your home, making it hard to breathe and hurting your air quality. Getting your ducts professionally cleaned can do wonders at keeping your air healthy.

Benefits of good indoor air quality in your Nebraska home

There are a wide amount of benefits from improving the indoor air quality of your Nebraska home. Some of these include:

  • A cleaner home. One of the big contaminants in your home is dust and dust mites. They tend to float around in the air before settling in corners or your furniture. You’ll still have to clean, but you’ll have a lot less debris to clean.
  • Eliminate mold spores. Having mold in your home can be dangerous, as long-term exposure to mold can cause a variety of health issues. Good air filtration can help keep mold from taking hold in your home.
  • Your home will smell better. You might know how some homes have a distinctive smell. Usually, these smells aren’t good ones. Having a good air filter can help clear out these bad smells and give your home a pleasant, clean smell.
  • Overall better health. As well as dust and mold, an air filter can clear out other unhealthy contaminants. Allergens like pet hair can cause sneezing if they get to be too much. Also, air filters help get rid of airborne germs that can cause colds or the flu.

Why rely on McCarthy’s to keep my home’s air clean?

McCarthy’s One Hour Heating & Air Conditioning Indoor Air Quality experts can convert your heating and cooling system into a whole house Air Treatment Center. To control these pollutants that are injurious to your health, advanced air cleaning systems like MicroPower Guard® are designed to remove the smallest particles from the air; while the OxyQuantum® UV lights will help control germs and organic odors. Most store bought filters cannot remove these smallest of allergens and have no capability of having any effect on germs and gases. Call McCarthy’s today to learn more about how we can help you with your home’s air quality!

By Brian Renadette

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